December 5, 2018


AUIS Clinical Dean provides source of reading materials to AUIS Clinical Students

Dr. Don Penney, Dean of Clinical Affairs, has compiled a reservoir of excellent reading materials available to all clinical students....
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Attention Match 2018 Applicants!!

This informational message will cover the following important topics relevant to your ERAS application: Submitting Support Documents ·ERAS Application Fees...
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Comp Exam Preparation – by O’Dell Leverette, Director of Admissions

You have your Comp exam coming up. You’re a nervous wreck. You’ve put in over 56+ hrs. this week alone....
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How to Use Firecracker to EFFECTIVELY Learn General and Organ System Pathology – Dr Podcheko

Author: Dr. Alexey Podcheko MD, PhD, Professor of Pathology American University of Integrative Sciences  Pathology is the study of causes,...
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An Academic Success Trinity – By Michael Bailey, AUIS Registra

Many students studying at the doctoral or post graduate level demonstrate an academic proficiency which has contributed to their continued...
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Dr. Kashyap – Organization, a key skill in Medical School

1. Learn how to be organized Study materials: You will find it impossible to survive medical school without at least...
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AUIS Teams Up With Firecracker to Deliver Clinical Advantage

AUIS has finalized an agreement with Firecracker this week to deliver reduced price access to Firecracker USMLE Step 2 High-Yield and...
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Advice for Students Searching for Clinical Electives- Torri Perry

Clinical students should begin looking for electives during the 3rd-year of their clinical program. Elective sites that students may apply...
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Population, Intervention, Comparison and Outcome or How to Use PICO – Questions for Better Search By Dr. Oleksii Hliebov

Technology has exploded and provided us access to more information than ever before, requiring us to scrutinize the information that we...
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Expert Studies in the Psychology of Lying – Dr. Martha Stokely, Ph.D.

Lying” is a broad category of deceptive behaviors encompassing everything from “little white lies” to criminal fraud. While society sends...
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