5 Tips for Medical Students

1. Discipline is Key

Discipline is vital in medical school where you feel like there aren’t enough hours in a day. The more discipline you use day-to-day, the easier life becomes. Difficult tasks aren’t as difficult when you have self-control and restraint. Creating a schedule for each day will translate into an easier time maintaining good study habits, healthy eating, and an appropriate sleep schedule.

2. Learn to study effectively

Med school requires absorbing large amounts of information quickly, and learning how to analyze and retain key information is an essential skill to prepare for medical school. Finding a tutor or study group can be a great help in starting to learn new information and can also be a big part of the student experience.

3. Network, Network, Network…

Meeting people in your field can be helpful in obtaining clerkships in the future. You may be able to request an information Interview or a shadow with doctors you have networked with prior to beginning your clinical rotations.  This can help you figure out which specialties you think you might be interested in.

4. Ask Questions

Ask as many questions as you can! You have so much time to pick the brains of your professors in school so make sure you take advantage of your time with them. Build relationships with your professors, they want to help you but you have to show them you are willing to learn.

5. Relax & Have Fun

Don’t forget to take some down time. Read a book for leisure, go out to eat, go to a spa, or find a hobby. Make time for things that you enjoy.  Try to have fun with the people around you and reach out for help if you’re ever in a bad place. Remember you can only be a physician and take care of patients if you first take care of yourself!

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