AUIS Four Year MD Program

AUISgrads2The first two years of the four-year MD program concentrate on the traditional basic science disciplines on our campus in Barbados. The final two years focus on clinical sciences, with training at AUIS’s affiliated hospitals and clinical centers in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. The goals of AUIS’s MD program are high USMLE Step score results and Medical Residency acceptance for AUIS graduates on their first attempt. See our Residency Match list.(Will need to be a standalone page)

Basic Sciences (MD Years 1-2)

The first five semesters at AUIS School of Medicine will develop basic science foundation on the island of Barbados and prepare you for the USMLE exam and the clinical phase of your education. The Organ Systems curriculum in Basic Sciences consists of a combination of small group learning, lectures, laboratory, clinic and community outreach. Our Basic Sciences course incorporates a unique testing system designed to prepare students for USMLE Step 1 starting day 1. The goal of our Basic Sciences program is long term retention and application of knowledge to increasingly complex clinical situations.
More information on the Basic Sciences portion of the AUIS MD program can be found here. (Will link to AUIS Teaching strategy page that needs to be re-assigned and built

Clinical Sciences (MD Years 3-4)

The Clinical Sciences curriculum, which follows the Basic Sciences, consists of 48 weeks of core clinical rotations and 32 weeks of elective clinical rotations. Students practice clinical skills through patient contact, which is supervised by a preceptor in an inpatient or outpatient care setting. The clinical curriculum strives to enhance students' proficiency in taking medical histories, conducting physical diagnostic examinations, and developing doctor-patient relationship skills, thereby enabling students to become competent, compassionate physicians. AUIS's clinical training opportunities represent strong relationships we have held since 2001. These locations are available to third year students desiring Greenbook options and exposure to a residency program and fourth year students on "audition electives" with a specific Residency Program.
More information on Clinical Sites and the Clinical portion of your education can be found here. (Link to clinical sites page)