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AccessMedicine — one more great resource for AUIS

Technological advances in file sharing allow today’s physicians to remain just a click away from medical knowledge.

One such example of this remarkable therapeutic exchange between scholastic medical study and medical practice is the all-inclusive online medical database, also known as AccessMedicine.

The American University of Integrative Sciences, School of Medicine is one such academic institution that makes full use of AccessMedicine, according to one administrator.

“At AUIS, our students discover how useful AccessMedicine becomes to academic study,” said Torri Perry, AUIS manager of clinicals. “The wealth of medical information is invaluable in preparing for clinical clerkships.”

AccessMedicine is a reference source of diagnoses, notes and procedures which allows students and physicians to access medical information from nearly any mobile device.

In an article published on the McGraw-Hill website, Scott Grillo, vice president and medical publisher mentioned the importance of meeting the academic needs of the student and institution today. AccessMedicine is supplied with scores of digital medical publications and thousands of illustrations, all designed to augment the learning experience.

“As students get more immersed in their clinical program, knowledgeable responses regarding patient care is integral,” said Perry. “AccessMedicine can make a significant difference in helping students recognize proper diagnoses.”

AccessMedicine is an innovative online service that provides medical students and other health professionals an all-inclusive search platform, while granting the ability to download material to the user’s mobile device.

Having access to medical databases comes with numerous advantages, according to medical experts, but most of all, AccessMedicine allows medical students to excel in basic science studies and clerkships. Regardless of where a scholar is in her medical career, AccessMedicine provides tools and information that can mean the difference in diagnosis.

Through AccessMedicine, readers can bridge to more than 1,000 diagnoses through Diagnosaurus®, a time saving tool for browsing through symptoms, diseases, or organ systems.

Another feature of AccessMedicine is the newsletter. There, readers can stay informed on the latest topics regarding the medical community. For a subscription to the AccessMedicine newsletter, visit

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