AUIS’s Clinical opportunities represent strong relationships we have held since the year 2001 when our very first class entered their third year of medical school. Because of this we have direct partnerships with some hospitals and university’s that we value and keep confidential. These locations are available to third year students desiring Greenbook options and exposure to a residency program and fourth year students on “audition electives” with a specific Residency Program. We do not disclose the name of these locations. The below offerings are all DIRECT AUIS partnered Greenbook rotations:

  • Arizona: Surgery, Family Medicine, GI, Internal Medicine, Endo, Psychiatry, Cardiology, NICU, Infectious Diseases, Pulmonary and Critical Care, Trauma Surgery, Anesthesiology
  • New York: Internal Medicine, Surgery, PM&R, ER, GI, WC, FM Sub 1, Surgery Sub 1, Pathology
  • Arkansas: Psychiatry, OB/GYN, Surgery, Internal Medicine, Family Medicine
  • Louisiana: Psychiatry
  • Virginia: Psychiatry
  • Canada: Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Emergency Medicine, Hematology and Oncology

The chart below shows what rotations you can do and where with our non-exclusive clinical partner list. Many of these are Greenbook locations we share with other US and Caribbean Medical schools. We have over 40 partner relationships coming together to make the list below. More information and a full list of hospitals can be distributed by request to clinical students pursuing their options. Contact Torri Perry, AUIS’s Clinical Manager at if you are a current AUIS student for more information.

Partner Hospitals:

  • St. Johns Episcopal Hospital | Far Rockaway, NY
  • Brentwood Hospital | Shreveport, LA
  • Columbus Regional Medical Center | Columbus, GA
  • Larkin Health System | Miami, FL
  • Genesys Regional Medical Center | Grand Blanc, MI
  • Norwegian American Hospital | Chicago, IL
  • Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Center | Thunder Bay, Ontario, CN

I. Maryland

1. Internal Medicine
2. Endocrinology
4. Pediatrics
5. Surgery
6. Pulmonary
7. Critical Care

II. Nebraska

1. Family Medicine

III. Connecticut

1. Pediatrics
2. Psychiatry
3. Internal Medicine

IV. Ohio

1. ALL (Self Schedule)

V. New Jersey

1. Nephrology
2. Cardiology

VI. Washington

1. All (Self-Schedule)

VII. Arizona

1. Family Medicine
2. Pediatrics
3. Occupational Medicine/Urgent Care
4. Surgery
5. Psychiatry
6. Internal Medicine
7. Gastroenterology

VIII. Illinois

1. ALL

IX. Michigan

1. Family Medicine
2. Infectious Disease
3. Internal Medicine; Geriatrics;
Preventive medicine
5. Gastro
6. Cardiology
7. Surgery
8. Rehabilitation
9. Nephrology
10. Cardiology
11. Pediatrics

X. Georgia

1. Pediatrics
2. Psychiatry
3. Internal Medicine
4. Plastic Surgery
5. Family Medicine
6. Urgent Care
7. Sports Medicine
8. Gastroenterology
9. Infectious Disease
10. Neurology
11. Cardiology
12. Emergency Medicine
13. Pediatrics
14. General Surgery
15. Geriatrics
16. PM& R
17. Radiology
18. ENT Surgery
19. Critical Care
20. Sleep Medicine
21. Sleep Medicine
22. Pulmonary

XII. Virginia

1. Family Medicine
2. Psychiatry

XIII. Florida

1. Pain Management XIV. D.C.
1. Family Medicine
2. Endocrinology
3. Pulmonology
4. Internal Medicine
5. Infectious Disease
6. Surgery
7. Critical Care
8. Cardiology
9. Pediatrics

XV. New York

1. Internal Medicine
2. Surgery
3. PM& R
4. Emergency Medicine
5. Wound Care
6. Gastroenterology
7. Family Medicine
8. Sub-I Surgery
9. Pathology

XVI. Louisiana

1. Psychiatry

XVII. United Kingdom

1. Internal Medicine