Financial Aid Documentation Request

Students need to request all documents for financial aid  and for health insurance purposes through this portal.


If your request type does NOT appear on the list below please email your request to

1. Canadian Provincial Funding Requests including paperwork for the following:

   a. Program Information Forms

   b. Confirmation/Continuation of Enrollment/Registration Form

   c. Continuation of Interest Free Status Form

   d. Program Cost Form

   e. Appendix 3 Form

   f. NSLSC Documents

   g. Loan Deferment Documentation

2. Submission of a request does not guarantee that it can be completed as the institution must ensure that the student is complying with all of the minimum standards of the relevant funding entities.


Any items that prohibit the completion of the submitted request will be communicated to the student through their AUIS email account.


Please note that all funding requests are processed only one time per week.


Please list how you would like the document handled after it has been completed (All students will receive a copy of the completed document for their files).

Upload the Document you would like completed

Please Note:

-Forms MUST be in original Word or PDF documents.

-Picture files (jpeg, bitmap, png), or pictures of document taken from an electronic device will NOT be accepted.

-Please make sure all sections requiring information by the student have been completed.

-Forms completed incorrectly will be returned to the student.

“Your request has been received. Please allow 10 to 14 days for processing. You will be sent notification with a completed copy attached for your records when your document has been sent to the appropriate agency.

Please refrain from making/sending multiple phone calls/emails to multiple departments regarding your submission as this will delay its processing.”