“As to diseases, make a habit of two things — to help, or at least, to do no harm.” ― Hippocrates

Canadian Students

Canadian medical school admissions are highly competitive, with only a quarter of applicants gaining entrance and over 10,000 applicants denied annually. Many Canadians don’t know there is an option outside of Canada that can lead you back to your native province or the US to practice medicine.

Our tuition structure is designed to maximize the resources available to Canadian students and our recognition by the Canadian government and MCCEE allows students’ access to provincial, integrated and federal loans, as well as Grants and Scholarships. We are familiar with Canadian bank Lines of Credit designed for Canadians in professional school and can provide you the documentation needed to effectively start and continue your education.

High Achieving Canadian Students Grant

As of July 2018, Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents admitted to AUIS that have a 3.0/4.0 GPA in their undergraduate education (graduate education may apply, solely at AUIS’s discretion) are eligible for a tuition grant of up to 50%, which brings tuition to $6,600 USD in the Basic Sciences semesters.

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Don Penney, M.D. MSC. FACEP
Don Penney, M.D. MSC. FACEP Neurosurgery and Emergency Medicine AUIS School of Medicine, Dean Clinical Affairs Trained at the University of Toronto, McMaster, and Mcgill University’s. Licensed to Practice in Ontario, Georgia, Vermont, and Wyoming

Since joining the AUIS team, I have focused on expanding opportunities and experiences for my fellow Canadians — pursuing a career in medicine both back home in Canada and in the United States.

Don Penney, M.D. MSC. FACEP

As a Canadian, why choose AUIS? Because in our 20 year history we have always been a destination for Canadians looking for a great value in medical education and access to Canadian hospitals for clinical rotations.

We MATCH students to residency’s in Canada. In 2018, AUIS graduates were Matched at: Western Ontario, The University of British Columbia, Queens University and Thunder Bay. We focus on ensuring our Canadians are ready for the MCCEE and provide strong preparation for the clinical portion of your education as well as top direction in Canadian hospitals. Each Canadian has the option of rotations in Ontario, British Columbia, Nova Scotia and Manitoba as well as US cities like New York and Detroit.

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