AUIS greets new students to 5th Semester

The morning of March. 13, 14 medical students started their Fifth Semester classes at American University of Integrative Sciences, School of Medicine here. Students study a curriculum which focuses on the Fundamentals of Clinical Medicine, as part of the Basic Sciences courses. AUIS guarantees a commitment to small class sizes, personalized instruction and a superior technology-enriched learning environment.What the school offers is an outstanding preparation needed to bolster its students’ USMLE exam scores, said Gwen Garner, AUIS Director of Admissions. Students met with various members of the AUIS staff during the day’s orientation.

Fifth Semester at AUIS remains popular with medical transfer students according to a school official. In addition to the AUIS students, there were two specifically enrolled for the review course for the USMLE Step 1 offered through International Medical Graduate Clerkships. “IMG Clerkships is AUIS’s preferred partner for USMLE Preparation,” said Nic Capomacchia, Assistant Director of Acquisitions. “Our program is always improving and leveraging the most up to date resources available. We are trusted to provide quality education and advanced tools to prepare AUIS’s medical students for their USMLE exams and Residency Match.”

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