AUIS Teams Up With Firecracker to Deliver Clinical Advantage

AUIS has finalized an agreement with Firecracker this week to deliver reduced price access to Firecracker USMLE Step 2 High-Yield and Clerkship Review for MD3 and MD4 students. This learning resource is part of AUIS’s continued commitment to improving USMLE Step 2 support for students, which, along with the Clinical Compendium of Readings brought to you by your Clinical Dean, Dr. Penney, should help to improve Step 2 CK preparation. The Clerkships resource on Firecracker has individual programs on all six core rotations, plus Emergency Medicine and an upcoming Neurology program.

These platforms should provide a solid basis from which to prepare for your NBME clinical rotation exams.

Clinical students will have access to:

  • 13,070 review questions organized into 1,138 topics and 9 clinical specialties
  • 1,288 clinical vignette questions modeled on their board exam blueprint
  • Practice clerkship exams for Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Neurology, OB/Gyn, Pediatrics,Psychiatry, and Surgery.
  • Students receive a daily assignment of review questions covering topics relevant to their studies and prioritized by the firecracker learning algorithm
  • Students receive a relevant daily patient case.
  • More details are coming soon. Please check your email inbox or the link below to learn more or sign up:
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