CARL steps up with modifications for New Year

Dec. 7, 2016

The Clinical Activity Rotation Log, or CARL, will update with advanced clinical education programs through software upgrades in the coming weeks.

Current medical school students using CARL can log into a demonstration site to discover the features that will be made available.

Access to the demonstration site can be reached by visiting

The students at the American University of Integrative Sciences, School of Medicine were the first to use CARL, according to Gwen Garner, AUIS director of admissions.

“CARL was initially designed for use during clinical clerkships,” said Ms. Garner. “However, it soon became evident that CARL would be an invaluable tool for students during Basic Sciences. This has led to the current software addition and upgrades.”

Disciplined use of CARL during clinical clerkships will prove to be a distinct advantage when applying for residency match, Garner said.

Users agree, these installments will be beneficial. They include brain training tools such as USMLE medical practice tests, spot diagnosis flash cards, helpful memory encoding methods and Epocrates.

For more information about CARL, or more news about AUIS, visit the school website at

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