Comp Exam Preparation – by O’Dell Leverette, Director of Admissions

You have your Comp exam coming up. You’re a nervous wreck. You’ve put in over 56+ hrs. this week alone. Yet you still get the feeling you are forgetting questions and concepts or you are simply looking at material that you feel like you have never seen before. Many students have fallen into this rut time and time again. How can I properly prepare for this exam without burning myself out?

  • Come up with a realistic study plan as to how you are going to approach studying. By doing this you can actually spend a lot less time studying for your exam.
  • Make a list of topics that you need to cover or need to brush up on. Start with the topics that are the most problematic.
  • Start your study regiment as early as possible.
  • Tackle one topic and related questions a day. Each day afterwards add a new topic and questions to tackle. The last 2hrs of your studying regiment, review the topic and questions that were covered the previous day.
  • Stay motivated while studying – Meet up with classmates to review material and compare study notes and ideas, or review concepts that are problematic.
  • Praise yourself by doing something not related to school work.
  • Make sure that you are allowing yourself amply time to rest and rejuvenate

These are just some tips that can be done to get the most out of preparing for your exams.

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