Dean’s New Reading Resource

AUIS Dean directs new reading resource for students

Medical students at the American University of Integrative Sciences medical school were provided an academic resource designed to help attendees meet the challenges of clinical studies, according to school officials.

This unique resource details a curriculum containing reference materials and articles specifically designed for students here, according to the Dean of Clinical Affairs, AUIS.

To further improve the core clerkship educational experience, AUIS is providing a series of articles pertaining to each individual core rotations, said Dr. Don Penney, clinical affairs dean.

“The reading list and articles have been provided by myself and the Chairs of the different departments,” Penney said.

The curriculum was recognized as such a valuable resource by Assessment Engineering that their developers worked with AUIS to schedule the reference materials be included into updates of the medical application known as CARL.

The Clinical Activity Rotation Log, or CARL, is designed to track clinical experiences and access reference material.

“These articles will be available in the future on CARL, however, (the articles) will be available immediately for those students currently in rotation.”

Dr. Penney also stated how he encourages students to share interesting articles with the school as they are found.

“If any students found an article that was of value to them in their rotation, I would greatly appreciate a copy to be sent to my AUIS email account,” he said. “This resource would then be included in the appropriate reading list for the rotation.”

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