Dr. Agnihotri: The Importance of a Low Student to Faculty Ratio in Medical School

From the Desk of Dr. Agnihotri

Small class sizes and a commitment to 11:1 student-faculty ratio makes AUIS School of Medicine’s program truly unique. By allowing greater access to physical resources and learning opportunities, this extraordinary statistic directly translates into several valuable experiences:

  • ·Positive attention and guidance from skilled instructors who because of the personal relationship developed with their students have the time and creativity  to work with individual learning styles and invest in student outcomes.
  • ·Close peer groups that provide training in compassionate communication, public speaking and cultural sensitivity, while fostering friendships and building self-confidence.
  • ·A 11:1 student-faculty ratio allows all this, with the use of engaging teaching methodologies, hands-on activities and assignments that generate student engagement and enthusiasm. But most of all, it allows targeted feedback to foster improvement so that no student gets overlooked.
  • An opportunity for truly developing a Student-Professor rapport is a huge advantage that many students do not get to experience in medical school. We encourage you to call AUIS at 678-269-4707 to learn a bit more about what makes us special.
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