Barbara Silva
Residency Match Coordinator

I have the opportunity of introducing our students and graduates to the lengthy and sometimes overwhelming Match process. I spend many hours talking to applicants personally, providing key information on Match timeline milestones, editing applicant CVs and personal statements, providing tips on interviewing skills, giving direction on who and how to ask for LORs and above all providing support while taking applicants through the process.

Additionally, I’m responsible for writing a concise and meaningful MSPE and uploading it and the applicant’s medical transcripts to ERAS for accessibility of the Program Directors for their chosen specialty. I am the go-to person for all inquiries and concerns regarding the Residency Match/Fellowship process.

Having a BS degree in Education and a Master’s degree in Project Management has provided me with the educational background necessary to be effective in my position at AUIS. I enjoy meeting people, learning about their experiences and how I can help them in their pursuit in becoming a successful physician.

My family comes first, so spending time with my kids and grandkids is my pleasure. I like to cook and bake and often share the “goodies” with my colleagues.