Rita Udom
AUIS Professor
Email: rudom@auis.edu

Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine

Dr. Rita Udom's career began when she was a youngster in Africa and England. After she moved to the United States, she stated her career in the Fashion and Entertainment industry, in Africa and Europe, but shifted to the Medical field, urged by her parents, who were a Physician and Nurse Practitioner, who saw the acute shortage of Physicians worldwide.

Dr. Rita is available for workshops and Consultation in Clinical Medicine Simulation Interaction, Risk Mitigation and Malpractice Prevention for Corporations, Physicians, Residents and Medical Students, on various Holistic Wellness Programs for Corporations and lay audiences in the US and internationally. Dr. Rita speaks five languages and will travel worldwide as requested.

Previous Positions

Dr. Udom is working on a book Sister Slim on Amazon and other

Additionally, she has participated in various clinical research in Cancer, Sickle Cell, Tropical Disease; and cancer research with Dr. Lijinskey of the National Institute of Health.

Research Interests

Dr. Udom spearheaded the Tropical disease treatment and research program in Nigeria through the Global International Medical Mission projects. She was instrumental in organizing Volunteer physicians, medical experts during the Ebola Epidemic in the Ebola-affected areas in Africa.

As Associate Director of the Emergency Department in the United States, Dr. Udom loved working with and teaching residents and medical students Clinical Medicine, Medical Ethics, Bedside Manners etc.


Dr. Udom is passionate about Holistic Medicine (the whole patient- The Body, Mind/Psyche, and Spirit)Dr. Udom believes that all 3-Axis must be in balance for healing to happen,

She is involved in Telemedicine in all specialties and facilitates conferences to speak to upcoming pre-med, medical students, Residents and Corporation about Holistic Wellness, all over the country and globally. Dr. Udom is aware of the acute Doctor shortage and the Diversity issues associated with the shortages and working diligently to address this issue.

Dr. Udom is active in various non-profit medical organizations in the US and globally including the Susan Komen Breast Cancer Society.   Dr. Rita is involved in various children’s non-profits. And work research with Veterans, Women, and Children with PTSD, Autism, ADHD.


Sister Slim: Creating a Healthy Life for the African-American Woman; Rita Udom, Steven Eunpu; Health Communications, Incorporated, 2003


Dr. Rita graduated with her MD from Wake Forest University School of Medicine, in Winston-Salem, NC.  She completed her Family Practice Residency at the University of Pittsburgh, to Los Angeles County to do Emergency, Trauma, High-Risk Obstetrics, and Gynecology and research at the University of Tennessee and Oakridge National Laboratories, in Oakridge, Tennessee.

Departments & Committees

Department of Clinical Medicine