Finding Your Path...

Our program offerings take students through the same curriculum as any U.S. based medical school anywhere in the continental United States. One way we are unique is; our physicians often pay less than a  third of what would be required anywhere else. Of the many ways we work to better ourselves and our students, AUIS is committed to providing medical education without creating more physicians with crushing debt. Doctors should be treating patients, not deciding between their family and patients well being.

AUIS considers our medical programs similar to paths, or highways; and in doing so we feel we provide an outline and plan of action that students can use throughout their medical education. Your choices before and during your time in medical school are critically important for securing a position in the Residency Program of their choosing. These choices are equally as important for any aspiring medical doctor.

How prepared are you?

It’s always good to know what you’re getting into. Doctors are asked to save lives on a daily basis and the responsibility to be a healer can be heavier than many people could handle. Medical school is hard, but nothing that’s not hard is worth it. If you haven’t already, take some time to figure out if you’re prepared for med school.

4 Year MD Program

Students complete basic medical sciences courses in an organ-systems curriculum and learn clinical skills while participating in volunteer community health experience(s) during 4 semesters on the island. Core Basic Sciences content includes Gross and microscopic anatomy, molecular & cell biology, pathological basis of human disease, epidemiology, research, ethics and issues, and principles of clinical care.

Semester 5 of Basic Sciences is a professor-led USMLE Step 1 review which meets at the AUIS campus in Atlanta.

4-Year MD Degree Program Requirements

Premedical requirements for admission into the 4-year MD degree program normally include University or College-level courses as follows or “A” Level GCE/CAPE work in 3 science subjects:

  • One academic year (2 semesters) of General Biology or Zoology
  • One academic year of General or Inorganic Chemistry and one academic year of Organic Chemistry
  • One academic year of Physics
  • One academic year of English
  • One academic year of Mathematics or Calculus
  • A broad background in liberal arts or social sciences

Students with A or CAPE level work may require an additional semester of science education in Organic Chemistry or Anatomy.

5 Year MD Program

Our 5 Year program is simply an extension of our 4 year MD with a pre-medical sub-curriculum. Students interested in the 5-year program start in our Bachelors of Medical Sciences program and then matriculate into our 4 year MD program as outlined above.

The Pre-medical sciences component of the 5-year program offers an accelerated pathway from High School to Medical School through completion of all prerequisite coursework and the 90-credit hour US medical school application requirements within the first four semesters of study. Students are eligible for direct admission into the MD program at the end of Semester 4 post successful completion of all coursework.

5-Year MD Degree Program Requirements

Applicants who do not possess the premedical prerequisites for admission into the 4-Year MD degree program highlighted above are encouraged to apply for admission into the 5-Year MD degree program of the American University of Integrative Sciences School of Medicine. Such applicants must possess college science coursework, a high school or secondary school diploma or certificate with high marks and credits in science subjects (i.e., chemistry, biology, and physics), mathematics or calculus, and English.

Clinical Program

Students train in clinical skills through preceptor supervised patient contact in both inpatient and outpatient care setting. These years in direct patient care enhance our students’ proficiency in medical history taking, conducting physical diagnostic examinations, understanding practice guidelines and developing interprofessional relationships and leadership skills. The successful Clinical training model enables students to become competent, compassionate physicians.

The 80 weeks of clinical clerkships in the Clinical Sciences curriculum includes:

  • 48 weeks of core rotations in Internal Medicine, Surgery, Family Medicine, Psychiatry, Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Pediatrics during Year 4
  • 32 weeks of elective clerkships during Year 5
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