Clinical Medicine is where
AUIS shines brightest

AUIS student physicians in the clinical phase of their education, hone their clinical skills through preceptor supervised patient contact; In both inpatient and outpatient care settings. Our experience in direct patient care enhances our students’ proficiency in medical history taking, conducting physical diagnostic examinations, understanding practice guidelines, and developing inter-professional relationships & leadership skills. All of this collected clinical experience leads to the high MATCH rates AUIS graduates have enjoyed.

Through our clinical training model and Advanced Clinical courses enable AUIS students to become competent, compassionate physicians.

Clinical Program

Our clinical opportunities represent strong relationships AUIS has held since 2001 when our first class entered their third year of medical school. AUIS School of Medicine’s clinical rotations stands out among Caribbean medical schools for several reasons. Our program is well organized, professionally maintained, and has availability for every student we admit. If our numbers grow, we expand our clinical rotation opportunities to ensure we accommodate our students. For some Caribbean schools is this is not the case, and oftentimes, not a viable option. This leads to our high attrition rates. AUIS has historically received large numbers of transfer students at the clinical phase of education because of our long term relationships with top US & Canadian hospitals.

Many of our affiliations are Green book locations we share with other US and Caribbean Medical schools. We have over 40 partner relationships coming together to make the list below. More information and a full list of hospitals can be distributed by request to clinical students pursuing their options. \

Brentwood Hospital (LA)Shreveport, LA
Northern Virginia Mental Health InstituteFalls Church, VA
Genesys Regional Medical CenterGrand Blanc, MI
St. Bernard's Medical CenterJonesboro, AR
Larkin Health SystemSouth Miami, FL
Abrazo West CampusGoodyear, AZ
Loretta HospitalChicago, IL

Advanced Clinical Medicine

Dr. Don Penney, MD, MSC, FACEP.,
Dr. Don Penney, MD, MSC, FACEP.

ACM or Advanced Clinical Medicine began as our Step 2 Clinical Skills & Procedures Course. It is one of the many courses AUIS offers that are designed to be dynamic and personalized to give our students an edge during exams. The focus is to help students build on their medical knowledge, clinical skills, and bedside manner thus, create a complete physician package. Our instructors discuss every aspect of what a patient encounter will look like and what to expect in both real clinical practice, the Step 2 CS exam, and the Complex PE exam.  ACM is lead by AUIS Provost & Clinical Dean, Dr. Don Penney, MD, MSC, FACEP.

Instructors: Sessions to be led by Specialists in their field(s); Neurosurgeon, Pulmonologist, Intensivists, Rheumatologist, Orthopedic Surgeons, among others. Comment and provide examples of Clinical practice with the use of Standardized patients.

Intended Outcomes: Assessment and documentation of proper history taking and physical examination techniques qualifying the student for Step 2 CS success.

This course is offered to, active AUIS School of Medicine students and a limited number of MD Year 3 and 4 students from other institutions. For AUIS students the course cost is 4 weeks of AUIS clerkship tuition, for students outside of AUIS the course is 4 weeks of our clinical rotation fees.

Residency, Is the Goal

In 2019, 71% of AUIS students eligible for MATCH succeeded on their first attempt.

If your goal is to become a practicing physician in the United States or Canada, your education needs to be based on US medical standards. AUIS has a track record of producing physicians who Match on the first attempt.

Our core rotations are localized to Atlanta, Michigan, and Arizona. This not only optimizes our students’ ability to network and really get to know a physician community, paving the way for future opportunities. This allows our students to learn about programs they may apply to during Residency and oftentimes along with AUIS alumni.

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