First International INTER-Medical Schools Jeopardy in Barbados.

It seems AUIS is becoming a hub of inter-medical school cooperation in Barbados.
On Saturday, Nov 9th, 2019, was the first game in what we hope will be a regular event for medical students on the island.

Barbados has one government-supported and at least four private medical schools. Students from different medical schools have very little or no communication. AUIS professors (Dr. Alexey Podcheko and Dr. Peter Rogers) and AUIS Student Government Association (President Sakshi Lakhra) came up with the idea to invite students of other medical schools to participate in a medical Jeopardy game. Game topics were only related to the material students needed to know to pass the medical licensing exams (USMLE STEP1) and essential for their future profession. Ross and AUB students willingly responded to the challenge, but students of UWI and Quenn’s University College of Medicine were quite shy to join the game. Dr. Rogers, Dr. Podcheko, of AUIS and Dr. Hliebov, of Quenn’s University College of Medicine., acted as the vigilant judges of this competition, as well as explaining the answers to the questions between the rounds. AUB got the first place prize (400BBDs), AUIS was rewarded 200 BBDs for coming in second, and Ross placed third. All students enjoyed themselves greatly at this event, and are looking forward to the second run of this game, especially the Ross students, who are eager for revenge. AUIS will be ready to host the next event. Great job, everybody!

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