Creative thought drives medicine...

Funding a medical education often requires the same creative thinking doctors use in their practice every day.

We feel our MD program is the best-value, medical education available anywhere in the world.  Many of our graduates achieve their dreams with little to no debt and have paid a fraction of the cost.

Our approach to educating physicians includes providing guidance on how to practice medicine the right way. From the day to day maintenance of operating a medical practice to the nuances of surgery prep; AUIS takes our holistic, full-body approach of teaching to train highly adaptive, patient-oriented physicians.

Funding Your Education

The rising cost of education has not been lost upon the administration at our university. The challenges we’ve all faced in 2020 have only made the financial burdens and uncertainties weigh more heavily upon each of our shoulders. AUIS has always desired to educate and equip our students for any situation they may face in their medical careers. To this end, the edge is slowly building a catalog of resources that may prove useful to those of you seeking a medical education.

Service Scholarships

Service-based scholarships funded by the federal government offer students a chance to fund virtually their entire education in exchange for a commitment to serve a certain population. Among the more popular options is the National Health Service Corps Program, which requires a year of work as a primary care doctor in an underserved region for every year of scholarship funding, with a minimum of two years of service. The military-sponsored Health Professions Scholarship Program provides a full scholarship to medical school in exchange for an obligation to serve as a military physician.

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Educational Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is another phenomenon of our rapidly improving technology. Students who are entering a variety of programs are all searching for ways to pay for their education in innovative ways. The use of crowdfunding has become one of the more successful ways some students have generated funding for educational purposes. Students who have paid their seat deposit will have the approval to use AUIS as their school of choice when beginning their personal crowdfunding pages.

Financial & Funding Resources

The following document is a PDF containing detailed information about our Tuition, Fees, and other financial information related to attending AUIS.

AUIS Tuition & Fees, Financial Information PDF

The total cost of the 5 Year program is $135,300 USD. This can be paid semesterly in installments. This includes all tuition and most fees. Please be aware of the additional fees associated with immigration and visa requirements. Course information can be found in our catalog.

AUIS Regional Partnership Grant Program

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