How prepared are you
for medical school?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. Its purpose is to assess your current readiness level and determine what’s needed for you to accomplish your goals. That is our mission. Educating and training physicians to treat patients as a whole, symbiotic being. AUIS trains our doctors to do more than treat the symptoms, and focus on treating the person. We teach that the entire body is a machine and every organ system in the body is needed to function in some particular way.

Eliminating symptoms and continuing to keep the entire body in perspective is what AUIS is about. More than ever, competent medical professionals are needed worldwide and no skill set is more needed than those of a medical doctor. It is in that mindset that AUIS prepares our student physicians.

Dr. Podcheko instructing students in one of the AUIS simulation labs.
Dr. Podcheko instructing students in one of the AUIS simulation labs.

Required Documents

Entering medical school requires any medical university to assess the education and preparedness level of applicants who desire entry. Our admissions committee and academic departments review every applicant. Then, our admissions lead makes acceptance decisions based on the information provided by the applicant, our admissions interviews, and the review of an applicant’s transcript. Without the following documents, it is impossible for us to determine an applicant is qualified for acceptance or not. Furthermore, our Admissions department will not process an application further until the required documents are available for review, and the AUIS billing department has confirmed receipt of the application fee.

We need your Personal Statement, your Resume/CV, and a copy of your Transcripts. Due to current events, and the challenges the world faces in the midst of COVID-19, an unofficial copy of your Transcripts is acceptable at this time. These documents are required to be considered for any of our programs and failure to provide these documents will lead to your application not being processed.

AUIS takes pride in being a student-focused university, and that means our seats fill quickly. Prospective students that wish to begin our admissions process, and those who have all the required documents; and have paid their seat deposits in full; are given priority. From there, availability is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The Review Process

After receiving your online admissions application, an Admissions Representative will call you to schedule an appointment. During the meeting, you will receive in-depth information about our medical program. Our representatives will answer any questions you may have in order to assist you in determining how we are best suited for you and will help you achieve your career goals.

Final Step: Enrollment Completion

Once you’ve made the decision to attend the American University of Integrative Sciences, the last step is to complete and sign your enrollment agreement and required paperwork. During the enrollment process, you will receive a copy of our school catalog detailing our policies and procedures and will be required to pay a $100 processing fee to complete enrollment.

Student Health Insurance Requirements

All AUIS students are required to maintain adequate health insurance coverage that extends throughout Semesters 1-4 of Basic Sciences in Barbados and during the FCM course and Clinical Clerkships (MD Years 3-4) in the United States without interruption.

Barbados – Students who pay the Basic Sciences tuition receive free evacuation insurance in the event a student must be flown off the island for treatment. This coverage lasts for each semester the student is in and expires at the end of the month during their last semester on the island. Foreign country health insurance coverage for major sickness and accidents is the responsibility of the student.

United States – Students are required to maintain US health insurance with coverage during the Fundamentals of Clinical Medicine and Advanced Clinical Medicine Programs; and all Clinical Clerkships.

No students may start the Basic Science program or register for Clinical Clerkships until proof of health insurance has been submitted.

Technical Standards

The essential abilities and characteristics required for completion of our MD Program consist of certain minimum physical and cognitive abilities; and sufficient mental and emotional stability to assure that candidates for admission, promotion, and graduation are able to complete the entire course of study. Those in our programs are expected to participate fully in all aspects of medical training, with or without reasonable accommodation.

Our University has the ethical responsibility for the safety of patients with whom students and graduates will come in contact. Although students learn and work under the supervision of the faculty, students interact with patients throughout their education. Patient safety and well-being are major factors in establishing requirements involving the physical, cognitive, and emotional abilities of candidates for admission into any program AUIS offers.

Candidates must have the physical and emotional stamina and capacity to function in a competent manner in the hospital, classroom, and laboratory settings, including settings that may involve heavy workloads, long hours, and stressful situations. Individuals whose performance is impaired by abuse of alcohol or other substances are not suitable candidates for admission, promotion, or graduation.

Pre-Medical Sciences Program

You could spend 7 years on the island paradise of Barbados, and when you’re done, you’d be a doctor. A medical doctor. Click the button below to find out more about our direct from high-school to med school program.

Additional Requirements

  • Applicants must be eligible to apply for US visa during Clinical Clerkship training.
  • If English is not the student’s first language an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) with an overall score of 6.0 and at least 5.5 or higher in each component: reading, writing, listening, and speaking is required.

Health professionals with clinical practice experience are encouraged to apply.


Students with 90 credits of University or College-level undergraduate coursework with fulfilled AUIS pre-medical prerequisites may be accepted directly into the 4-Year MD program without the Pre-Medical Year requirement.


There is a $100 application fee to submit and complete the application process. Your application will not be processed to schedule you for an admissions interview until you have paid your application fee.

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