Medical Program


Basic Science

At AUIS, the Basic Sciences are the cornerstone to your success.

The initial two years of the MD program focus on the traditional basic science disciplines. Laboratory, clinic and community outreach experience via participation in health community projects is a primary part of these first two years. Along with that, we include small, focused group discussions designed for problem-based learning and early assimilation of the Basic Medical Sciences into the clinical experience. Formal studies are supplemented with hands-on clinical training with clinical professors, permitting an extension of the classroom to the real-world and exposing students to applied clinical settings.

Basic Sciences incorporates a unique testing system designed to prepare students for USMLE Step 1 starting day 1. The goal of our Basic Sciences program is long term retention and application of knowledge to increasingly complex clinical situations

Clinical Medicine Program

The Clinical Medicine Program is a stimulating and enriching feature of medical training at AUIS, requiring both resolve and perseverance. The Clinical Medicine staff works personally with students to ensure they fully benefit from clinical rotations and go on to attain rewarding residency positions.

During the Clinical Years, we stress maturity, responsibility and compassion as important charcteristics in the development of professional excellence. Students are expected to learn how to conduct themselves in the role of physician and are judged on their ability to take initiative, relate to and work harmoniously with professional colleagues, exhibit maturity in conduct on the wards, and demonstrate the demeanor of a mature and qualified physician.

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The Clinical Medicine curriculum, which follows the Basic Sciences Program, consists of 48 weeks of core clinical rotations and 32 weeks of elective clinical rotations. Students practice clinical skills through patient contact, which is supervised by a preceptor in an inpatient or outpatient care setting. The Clinical Curriculum strives to enhance students' proficiency in taking medical histories, conducting physical diagnostic examinations, and developing doctor-patient relationship skills, thereby enabling students to become competent, compassionate physicians.

Core Rotations: 

Surgery 12 Weeks

Internal Medicine 12 Weeks

Family Medicine 6 Weeks

Obstretrics and Gynecology 6 Weeks

Pediatrics 6 Weeks

Psychiatry: 6 Weeks


Students eligible for clinical rotations have clinical sites available to them in over 60 hospitals, healthcare facilities, and clinics across nearly 20 states (e.g., NY, CT, GA, IL, LA, MD, DC). Many of our clerkships have ACGME (“Green Book”) listed or affiliated programs on site. Students who have earned their MD degree and certification through ECFMG have had great success in gaining entrance into a residency training program.

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