We get it. You have one goal: to practice medicine in the region of your choice. AUIS is geared to ensure our students achieve their goal in a realistic and efficient way. Our faculty are invested in your future and your success translates into our continued growth.


The first thing a residency director looks at when considering an applicant is their USMLE Step 1 score. AUIS school of medicine delivers the most support in the Caribbean for students looking to excel on the USMLE Step 1 by providing multiple rounds of review and a condensed boot camp in Atlanta at the end of 5th term. AUIS’s partner, IMGC, delivers a 6 week, high-yield intensive course that prepares students to quickly and efficiently deduce the correct answer on the USMLE. Dedicated professors walk you through multiple question and vignette types, familiarizing you with key concepts and common question-types. This course is taught after an intensive review of all basic science topics on the island in which each week of the first 9 weeks of 5th term encompasses topical review.


The MSPE Process

Thanks to CARL, MSPE and Match readiness is easy at AUIS. We have a dedicated team member who switches to MSPE and residency Match work in August and stays in the role for ~ 10 weeks working with students applying for Match. Our goal is to provide a clear and easy understanding of Match and address any questions students have. Thanks to CARL, a lot of the work bringing together your clinical experience is already done. We have electronic copies of your evaluations and a record of where you were and what your SOAP notes looked like throughout your 2 years in clinical rotations. Because of this, or MSPE letters are unique, clear and reference specific experiences. 

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