Discover the doctor in you. Whether you are a pre-medical student in the US or Canada, or transfer student looking to complete your education, AUIS can help you figure it out. Reach out today to learn more, our team is here to help you plan your academic future. You can also learn more by exploring the links below and reading about our pre requisites and other academic requirements. AUIS dos not require the MCAT, though if you've taken it, you may qualify for a scholarship. When screening applicants we look for dedication to the profession and multiple other qualitative attributes to determine the best fit. Because we have three semesters yearly, you can get started on your education within a few months of applying. 

Many students transfer to AUIS because of our strong clinical relationships with hospitals across the US. Whether in the Fifth semester or prior, we encourage students to explore their options and see why so many medical students continue to turn to AUIS when their medical univeristy is delaying the rotation process or deliverying sub-standard clinical experiences. Student service is our mission. Find out why we are the school that feels like a family.   


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