New England Journal of Medicine Espouses EPA’s, in line with AUIS Curriculum Update

The New England Journal of Medicine this week released an article championing the need for competency-based education training in medical schools. CBME, Competency Based Medical Education, has been the desired direction of medical education for numerous institutions for decades, but often met resistance with assessing competency and developing the needed feedback loop between learner and assessor. Since 2009, UME institutions have started to overcome this hurdle by implementing a competency, not time focused educational model with success.
This ties in directly with AUIS’s goal to enact EPA’s into the curriculum and as referenced in the NEJM: ” CBME now appears to be not only possible, but is also an innovative model that could create a learner-centric education system that, in turn, helps bring about a patient-centric care system.” In other words, a direct facilitation of AUIS’s educational mission.
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