A senior, dedicated, resourceful education professional with achievement in developing productive student-focused teaching methods and environments to maximize learning experiences for Physicians in training.
Over a decade of experience with leading off-shore Caribbean Medical schools and a proven ability to: create and monitor policies and practices that promote an effective learning environment; ensure a culture that promotes continuous improvements for faculty and students; develop an environment that encourages open communication with colleagues, students and administrators; and mentor educators in the creation and implementation of class instruction, clear understanding of USMLE requirements and student assessment.

Expertise in:
Leadership competence:
The ability to promote the philosophy of a medical school program
Provide team-building leadership
Promote multicultural awareness, gender sensitivity and racial and ethnic appreciation
Ability to make informed objective judgments.
Proven record for exceeding faculty goals through effective instruction, internal and external communication
Engaging in continued professional development

 Administrative Competence:
The talent to maintain a respectful, positive and effective learning environment
Evaluate staff performance
Monitor financial procedures and record retention

Other educational knowledge and core skills include:

USMLE focused, Student-Centered Instruction / Course Development / Development of Personalized Education plans: for Faculty and Students / Curriculum development and Implementation / Mentoring and Team-Building/ Instructional Programming / Extracurricular involvement / Educational Administration / Educational management / Educational Leadership

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