Potluck parties at AUIS are regular events!

Located in the South Part of Barbados, the AUIS School of Medicine is a real melting pot where more than ten languages are spoken and more than 15 countries are represented.

With such diversity, it can be challenging to find just the right event to bring the student community together. Still, the Student Government Association every semester making happen a great potluck party for AUIS students, staff, and faculty. The AUIS multicultural potluck is typically held in the last block of classes with an emphasis on everyone contributing to the event. Students, faculty, staff, and their families are encouraged to bring a favorite dish that represents their culture or is one they enjoy. Past favorites have included curry, rice and beans, spaghetti, lasagna, slow cooker meals, burritos and many other dishes names I cannot pronounce. The Multicultural Potluck is held in the AUIS cafeteria on December 2nd, 2019  that is an essential place for students to meet and exchange news. Great job SGA!

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