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AUIS goes mobile, launches first app for students

The technology development team at American University of Integrative Sciences announces the release of a new interface application for mobile devices on October 14.

The new student interface was created by Assessment Engineering using customized software tools for mobile devices program design.

The app will help AUIS administration deliver a wide range of services through the use of portable media devices, according to school officials.

State of the art technology remains a core component for the institution and students at AUIS, said Michael Bailey, school registrar.

“Using the AUIS mobile app, students will be able to get up-to-the-minute notifications of AUIS events, request transcripts, clerkships, and exams,” said Bailey.

According to the developers, the application will allow students, prospective students, or individuals interested in the school find useful and helpful information. With this mobile app, users can make payments through a secure connection, and directly access the AUIS and CARL websites, while they take advantage of useful travel tools such as currency converters and weather apps.

Furthermore, plans are already underway to include even more services in the near future. Medical students will find the later installments quite useful. The future design will include brain training tools such as medical practice tests, spot diagnosis flash cards and helpful mnemonics.

The AUIS mobile app is available on the Google Play store, and Apple iTunes.

For more information about CARL, or even more news about AUIS, visit the school website at

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