Marsha Landvatter, MD Resident, Mercy Health, WI

“We specifically chose AUIS because of their long history of excellent clerkship opportunities. Many classmates have recently matched. AUIS single-handedly made it possible for us both to fulfill our dreams of becoming physicians without having to sacrifice our family.” (Both Jacob and Marsha passed Step I on their first attempts and achieved Residency Match on their first attempt. They received positions in the specialities they desired, at the same hospital.)

Svetlana Iskhahova, MD Resident at Western University, Canada

“USMLE Step 1 Preparation was in Atlanta, Ga. The instructors were knowledgeable and encouraging. The experience with standardized patients was a highlight for me and prepared me for exams in Clinical Skills. AUIS supported me throughout my educational journey and I’m happy to have Matched at the program that was my top choice.”

Charlton Read, AUIS Medical Student

Charlton hails from the Southeastern US and attended a small university for his Bachelors degree. Among other benefits, AUIS’s small class-sizes, direct access to faculty and supportive environment led him and his brother to conclude that AUIS School of Medicine was the best place for them to gain the knowledge necessary to become a great physician.