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Residency Match Portal

This portal should be used to notify AUIS of your intention to participate in the 2021 Residency Match process so that we can update an existing MSPE or generate a new template for first time applicants.

Students who meet the following criteria will be qualified for an MSPE.

  1. Graduates
  2. Active students who have passed their Core Clerkships AND have passed 1 of their Step II exams. Please note that to “pass” a Core Clerkship you are required to have passed the associated shelf exam.
  3. Students who began clinical rotations on or before November 04, 2019.

Students who do not meet the above criteria will NOT be able to meet the MATCH 2021 deadlines and should, therefore, plan medically-related activities such as research, volunteer work, authoring, and/or other medically associated activities.

Please direct any questions you have regarding MATCH to our Residency Match Coordinator: 

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-If you have applied for MATCH previously your MSPE will be updated with all recent exam and rotation information only. -If this is your first time participating in MATCH you will be contacted by a Residency Team member to assist with the creation of your MSPE. (Please make sure all information above is current and accurate before submitting)
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