Since 1999 AUIS has been an established Med-Ed sector contributor in its efforts to address the global shortage of qualified physicians with a primary focus on preparing its graduates for medical licensure in the US and Canada.

Recognizing the restriction of access caused by the traditionally exorbitant cost of medical education and its detrimental long term impact upon health care delivery within communities in need, AUIS has successfully made its program attainable to a broader and more diverse population of qualified students.

Through a combination of affordable tuition structures, scholarship programs, and creative loan vehicles, AUIS has established itself as a value leader in the international medical education community.

Having attained a notable standard of excellence delivering its US AAMC based curriculum since 1999, with in excess of 1000 graduates practicing within the US and Canada, AUIS is proud to expand its offerings and support to international students from around the globe.

Join the 1000+ AUIS School of Medicine alumni practicing across the US and Canada.

4 Year MD Program

1- MD1Semester One10,250BarbadosFall, Winter, Summer
1- MD2Semester Two11,750BarbadosFall, Winter, Summer
1- MD3Semester Three11,750BarbadosFall, Winter, Summer
2 - MD4Semester Four11,750BarbadosFall, Winter, Summer
2 - MD5Semester Five3,600USAFall, Winter, Summer
3 & 480 weeks837.50/weekUS/CanadaYear-round

Basic Science Tuition (USD$): 49,100

Clinical Science Total Tuition (USD$): 67,000

Total Tuition; 4 year MD Program (USD$): 116,100 USD*

*International students subject to the same tuition classification as US/Canadian students. Published exchange rates for the date of tuition payment would apply.

BMSc Program Tuition

1- PM1Semester One    4,800BarbadosFall, Winter, Summer
1- PM2Semester Two   4,800BarbadosFall, Winter, Summer
1- PM3Semester Three 4,800BarbadosFall, Winter, Summer
2 - PM4Semester Four   4,800BarbadosFall, Winter, Summer
2 & 352 Credit hours375/Credit hourBarbadosFall, Winter, Summer

Pre-Medical Sciences (USD$): 19,200

Basic Science Tuition (USD$): 38,700

Total Tuition; 3 year BMSc Program (USD$): 57,900 USD

5 Year MD Program

All 5-Year MD program students will have the opportunity to receive their Bachelor in Medical Sciences (BMSc) degree with AUIS, thus allowing students to obtain a Bachelors’s and Medical Degree within 5.5 years of starting the program(s). 

On successful completion of the Pre-Medical Sciences coursework students receive a direct entry into the MD program.

1- PM1Semester One    4,800BarbadosFall, Winter, Summer
1- PM2Semester Two   4,800BarbadosFall, Winter, Summer
1- PM3Semester Three 4,800BarbadosFall, Winter, Summer
2 - PM4Semester Four   4,800BarbadosFall, Winter, Summer
1- MD1Semester One    10,250BarbadosFall, Winter, Summer
1- MD2Semester Two   11,750BarbadosFall, Winter, Summer
1- MD3Semester Three 11,750BarbadosFall, Winter, Summer
2 - MD4Semester Four   11,750BarbadosFall, Winter, Summer
2 - MD5Semester Five   3,600USAFall, Winter, Summer
3 & 480 weeks837.50/weekUS/CanadaYear-round

Pre-Medical Sciences (USD$): 19,200

Basic Science Tuition (USD$): 49,100

Clinical Science Total Tuition (USD$): 67,000

Total Tuition; 5.5 year MD Program (USD$): 135,300 USD

High Performing Students Receive Reduced Basic Sciences Tuition 

2019 Merit Scholarships

AUIS believes that there exists a partnership between institution and student. One that requires a collaborative investment in the attainment of the students’ performance goals.

To aid and reward academic excellence, AUIS is happy to announce a reduced Basic Sciences tuition beginning in Fall 2019 for global student applicants.  

Students are not required to apply for the Merit scholarships. They are automatically assessed and awarded by the Registrar’s office at the time of offer of admission and the beginning of each semester.

Qualifying requirements:

Type of Award Offered to  Qualification The award
Merit Scholarship

Incoming MD student [US/Canada]

*Now extended to all International students

GPA of 3.0 Basic Sciences tuition (MD I-IV) reduced to $6,600/semester
Merit Scholarship Current MD I-III student [All students] GPA of 3.0 Basic Science tuition (MD I-IV) reduced to $6,600/semester


The “Merit Scholarship” has been extended to International student applicants and current AUIS students beginning  May 2019, to students who maintain a minimum academic credit load of not less than 28 Credits per term. AUIS scholarship terms are subject to change without notice as deemed appropriate by the administration. 

*Students attending under scholarships must maintain the eligible GPA standards and will not be subject to changes that occur during an active term. Students may not combine   scholarships, grants or allowances. 

1- MD1 Semester One     6,600 (*compared to 10,250) Barbados
1- MD2 Semester Two    6,600 (*compared to 11,750) Barbados
1- MD3 Semester Three  6,600 (*compared to 11,750) Barbados
2 – MD4 Semester Four    6,600 (*compared to 11,750) Barbados
2 – MD5 Semester Five    3,600 USA
  Total Basic Sciences Tuition  30,000 (*compared to 49,100)  


*Please note as with all AUIS Scholarships and Grants, the student must maintain a 3.0/4.0 GPA each semester to continue to qualify for the reduced tuition.



MD/BMSc Application Fee $100;non-refundable One time
Seat Deposit- MD/BMSc      $500;non-refundable One time; *applies to tuition
Student Government Fee $50 Each semester; MD1-5

Technology Fee




Each semester; MD 1-4

Each semester: MD 5-10

NBME Shelf Exam Fee

All NBME Subject and One Comprehensive Exams


No Fee


For additional tests

Firecracker Fee $200.00 Per Calendar year
CARL Management $250 Each semester; MD 6-10
Clinical Sciences Deposit $5000;non-refundable One time; *applies to tuition
Official Transcripts $250 †Each copy
MD Diploma Fee $550 One time; Due at graduation


*Tuition is due 30 days prior to the semester start. Payments received 45 days in advance receive a 3% tuition discount.

Clinical Rotations: Must be scheduled and paid in full, thirty days prior to the rotation start date.  Rotations scheduled less then 30 days prior to the scheduled start date must be pain in full within 48 Hours of the time of scheduling. Students who cancel or fail to pay full tuition for a scheduled rotation shall be subject to a $250 cancellation/Late payment surcharge. (Please make note* THERE WILL BE NO ADJUSTMENTS OR WAIVERS TO THIS POLICY)

†Official transcript requests take 10-14 days for processing after your payment has been received.  The university will not prepare official transcripts for students or graduates with account balances until the account is paid in full.

*Seat deposits paid 90 days prior to the start of a student’s first semester receive a 5 % discount on MD1 tuition.

Payment of Tuition and Fees

All Tuition and fee payments may ONLY be made through AUIS’s Secure payment portal available at

Students failing to make tuition payment within the published schedule pre-term payment date will forfeit their financial aid for that term and be subject to a $200 late fee.

Additionally, any class retaken due to failure will be discounted 50% the first repeat thereafter. If a student drops a class, they are responsible for the total cost of the class to be taken again.

Students who have taken a leave of absence or who have not matriculated over 90 days will be subject to a lack of progress fee of $500 (LOP) to be retained on the student roster.  Students who have begun elective rotation without completing Step one within 120 days of commencing rotations will be subject to registration fee of $300 per semester to be retained as an active student.

Students who have been inactive for 9 months or greater will be subject to a $500.00 re-instatement fee, to be restored to active student status.

For questions and/or clarifications please contact AUIS Bursar at

Textbooks and Other Expenses

Students entering their initial term at AUIS School of Medicine will be provided with a list of recommended texts. Students should budget $750 for first term textbooks.

Clinical Attire and Medical Kits

Clinical attire, consisting of lab jackets, scrubs, dissection kits & patient examination kits will be required during the basic sciences terms. Students should budget a total of $550 for these items, which can and should be purchased prior to arrival on-island.

Health Insurance

Health insurance with demonstrated coverage on the island (BMSc and Basic Sciences)  is mandatory while students are enrolled at AUIS School of Medicine. AUIS does not provide free student health insurance. Students without health insurance may contact a student support advisor at  for information about the group policy rates available for AUIS students while on the Island of Barbados. 

Students are required to scan and upload a copy of the health insurance card at Please note that students are responsible for policy costs and all associated fees..

AUIS students are required to maintain adequate health insurance coverage that extends throughout Semesters 1-4 of Basic Sciences in Barbados and during the FCM course and Clinical Clerkships (MD Years 3-4) in the United States without interruption.

Barbados – Students who pay the Basic Sciences tuition receive evacuation insurance at no charge, in the event the student must be flown off the island for medical treatment. This coverage is maintained in force over each semester the student is enrolled on the island and expires at the end of the month of their last semester on the island. Foreign country health insurance coverage for major sickness and accidents is the responsibility of the student.

United States – Students are required to maintain US health insurance with coverage during the Fundamentals of Clinical Medicine and Advanced Clinical Medicine Programs; and all Clinical Clerkships. Clinical students must secure their own medical insurance coverage.

No students may start the Basic Science program or register for Clinical Clerkships until proof of health insurance has been submitted.


While there is no on-campus housing, AUIS does maintain apartments and relationships with real estate agents for Off-campus residences. Prices for accommodation range from $500 to $1100 per month depending on amenities and location.


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