These graduates will become
physicians in the USA & Canada

You could join them as a licensed physician practicing in the United States or Canada. AUIS is a Caribbean Medical University chartered and located on the Island of Barbados providing a standardized U.S. Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) education.

Our Next Start Date
May 3, 2021

Our courses are provided in person on the island of Barbados; with some courses provided as an option with social distancing precautions in mind.

Qualified Physicians
Are needed more than ever

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Become a US or Canadian physician. Start training in the Caribbean

Over our 20-year history as a leading Caribbean Medical School , AUIS has attracted US, Canadian and  international students, successfully matching them in medical residency programs within the US and Canada.  As a medical school administration with an inclusive philosophy we view admissions and teaching with a more holistic lens. Students with top grades and a solid interview mean more to us than standardized tests results, while we offer tuition credit to students with high MCAT scores we are a medical school that does not require the MCAT – the personal desire to heal and prevent disease as well as a demonstrated disciplined approach to study are the recognized and rewarded cornerstones of the AUIS student’s success.

Don W. Penney MD.MSC.FACEP

Neurological Surgeon |Provost/Dean Clinical Affairs | Vice President Academic Affairs

“Celebrating my third anniversary as the Provost and Dean of Clinical Affairs of the American University of Integrative Sciences; it gives me great pleasure to outline the school’s accomplishments over my tenure.”

Preparing young physicians,
for their medical careers.

With 1000+ alumni in the United States and Canada and one of the most affordable medical school tuition structures, AUIS provides an amazing environment, allowing students to thrive and develop their knowledge and skills in the beauty of our Caribbean Medical University. With advanced USMLE Step and MCCEE preparation, small class sizes, and a system-based US curriculum, students at the American University of Integrative Sciences enjoy the perfect setting to prepare for their medical careers.

In 2019, 71% of AUIS students eligible for MATCH succeeded on their first attempt.

Is the Goal

If your goal is to become a practicing physician in the United States or Canada, your education needs to be based on US medical standards. AUIS has a track record of producing physicians who Match on the first attempt.


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January 21, 2020

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