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AUIS believes in respect and a personal approach in the practice of medicine.

Is the Goal

We get it. You have one goal: to practice medicine in the region of your choice. AUIS is geared to ensure our students achieve their goal in a realistic and efficient way. Our faculty are invested in your future and your success translates into our continued growth.

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20 Years of Success in Residency Match

Our students have been Matching in new and some of the same residencies for nearly 20 years. Our long history of successful students means a network of Residency support.

High Value Education

Our tuition is $6,600/ Semester for the US, Canadians and CARICOM citizens with a 3.0 GPA coming from college. We are the best value among Caribbean medical schools

Small Class Sizes and a Personalized approach

AUIS maintains the smallest class sizes in the Caribbean, allowing less lecturing and more hands-on training. We prepare students for clinical course work in the year one and our 11:1 Student to Faculty ratio is the best in the Caribbean.

Caribbean Based, U.S. Medicine

With 1000+ alumni in the United States and Canada and one of the most affordable medical school tuition structures, AUIS provides an amazing environment, allowing students to thrive and develop their knowledge and skills in the beauty of our Caribbean Medical University.  With advanced USMLE Step and MCCEE preparation, small class sizes, and a systems-based US curriculum, students at the American University of Integrated Sciences enjoy the perfect setting to prepare for clinical rotations and Residency. Apply or contact us today to learn why we are the best value in medical education and a top option for any student looking for a Caribbean medical school to study abroad.


  • “We specifically chose AUIS because of their long history of excellent clerkship opportunities. Many classmates have recently matched. AUIS single-handedly made it possible for us both to fulfill our dreams of becoming physicians without having to sacrifice our family.” (Both Jacob and Marsha passed Step I on their first attempts and achieved Residency Match on their first attempt. They received positions in the specialties they desired, at the same hospital.)

    Marsha Landvatter
    MD Resident, Mercy Health, WI
  • “USMLE Step 1 Preparation was in Atlanta, Ga. The instructors were knowledgeable and encouraging. The experience with standardized patients was a highlight for me and prepared me for exams in Clinical Skills. AUIS supported me throughout my educational journey and I’m happy to have Matched at the program that was my top choice.”

    Svetlana Iskhahova
    MD Resident at Western University, Canada
  • Charlton hails from the Southeastern US and attended a small university for his Bachelor’s degree. Among other benefits, AUIS’s small class-sizes, direct access to faculty and supportive environment led him and his brother to conclude that AUIS School of Medicine was the best place for them to gain the knowledge necessary to become a great physician.

    Find our more about Charlton by visiting our AUIS YouTube

    Charlton Read
    AUIS Medical Student

As a leading Caribbean Medical School, AUIS School of Medicine attracts international students, matching them in medical residency programs in the US and Canada over our 20 year history.  As a medical school that does not require the MCAT, we view admissions and teaching through a holistic lens. Students with top grades and a solid interview mean more to us than standardized tests- the desire to heal, and prevent disease as well as a disciplined approach to study are the cornerstones of success at AUIS.

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Your journey to becoming a doctor begins in Barbados where our faculty works alongside you to acquire the scientific knowledge needed to practice medicine. You then complete your journey in the United State, UK or Canada acquiring clinical skills in hospitals.

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