What to Expect at AUIS:

  • Graduates match at residency programs in the USA and Canada 
  • Training MD's since 1999 with over 1000 Graduates practicing
  • 2 Years Basic Science in Beautiful Barbados, low cost of living 
  • 2 Years Clinical Science Rotations in US, UK or Canadian Hospitals
  • Low tuition fees, Great locations and Powerful teaching methods
  • United States Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE) High Pass Rates
  • You can sit the US USMLE or Canada MCCEE or UK PLUB Exam
  • We have Total Student Care, Welfare and Support in their Studies, housing, food, transport, and leisure

Five Reasons To Choose AUIS:

  • Basic Sciences and Clinical programs are taught by highly-experienced faculty
  • Small class sizes with 11:1 student-to-faculty ratio
  • You'll have the chance to work with simulated patients in the first week.
  • We use modern and innovative teaching methodologies
  • One of the most supportive and largest clinical hospital rotation experiences

Campus & Student Life at AUIS, School of Medicine

Teaching & Professors

AUIS School of Medicine has assembled a highly talented academic team of varying experiences with a focus on integrity and classroom teaching experience. All AUIS faculty hold MD's, PhD's or both and have extensive research or clinical experience that they use to enhance the value of classroom dialogue and learning. Our professors love to teach and thanks to our very small class sizes, they have time to ensure each student receives the focus and support needed to thrive in medical school.

Educational Technologies

  • We INVEST in the TOOLS to help you SUCCEED
  • Firecracker: a TOP Medical Program Step 1 Prep Question Bank
  • AccessMedicine: Online access to 1000's of medical resource texts
  • Canvas Learning Management System: Take your courses to the next level
  • Large Promethean Touch-Screen Panels in every class
  • CARL, our innovative software to help you manage your course load and interact with teachers

Student Housing

AUIS maintains a small number of apartments in an upscale complex on the private AUIS bus route for students to use as they get acquainted with the island. The Campus office also maintains relationships with local real estate agents and will gladly connect applicants with local professionals to ease the transition apartment search. Barbados has a range of options starting from $400 USD per month in rent.

Transportation Program

The AUIS Transportation system is designed with the convenience of students in mind and provides a basic support for students choosing not to purchase or lease their own vehicle on Barbados. With multiple trips to and from the University Campus daily, Airport transfers, as well as Saturday trips to the mall and stores, the AUIS bus system is private and convenient. Combined with Barbados's public and private bus options, most students will not need a private car.

Residency Match List

AUIS School of Medicine has a strong history of getting students into the programs they want to be in. Here are a selection of Matches from the last few years

University of Cincinnati

Dr. Shelat, Pathology Residency

Duke University

Dr. Ghanbari, Psychiatry Residency

University of Indiana

Dr. Philpott, Family Medicine Residency

St. Louis University

Dr. Sohail, Emergency Medicine Residency

Ohio State University

Dr. Barash, Family Medicine Residency

W. Ontario University

ON, Canada
Dr. Iskhkova, Internal Medicine Residency

Univ. of British Columbia

BC, Canada
Dr. Saleh, Family Medicine Residency

University of Oklahoma

Dr. Bansal, Family Medicine Residency

University of Alabama

Dr. Gillingham, Family Medicine Residency

Barbados: Study & Relax on The Best Island In The World

Your journey to becoming a doctor begins in Barbados where our faculty works alongside you to acquire the scientific knowledge needed to practice medicine. You then complete your journey in the United State, UK or Canada acquiring clinical skills in hospitals.

Student Testimonials

Charlton Read, AUIS Medical Student

Charlton hails from the Southeastern US and attended a small university for his Bachelors degree. Among other benefits, AUIS's small class-sizes, direct access to faculty and supportive environment led him and his brother to conclude that AUIS School of Medicine was the best place for them to gain the knowledge necessary to become a great physician.

Marsha Landvatter, MD Resident, Mercy Health, WI

"We specifically chose AUIS because of their long history of excellent clerkship opportunities. Many classmates have recently matched. AUIS single-handedly made it possible for us both to fulfill our dreams of becoming physicians without having to sacrifice our family." (Both Jacob and Marsha passed Step I on their first attempts and achieved Residency Match on their first attempt. They received positions in the specialities they desired, at the same hospital.)

Svetlana Iskhahova, MD Resident at Western University, Canada

"USMLE Step 1 Preparation was in Atlanta, Ga. The instructors were knowledgeable and encouraging. The experience with standardized patients was a highlight for me and prepared me for exams in Clinical Skills. AUIS supported me throughout my educational journey and I’m happy to have Matched at the program that was my top choice.”