AUIS students participated in Barbados Community Health Fair November 28th 2020

Saturday 28th November 2020 AUIS students, faculty, and staff participated in the Independence Health and Fitness Fiesta at the Evening Light Pentecostal Church, Arch Hall St. Thomas, Barbados. This event aimed to promote awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle in preventing and managing non-communicable diseases. This event was open to all members of...
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Thanksgiving Day Message, 2020

As Thanksgiving Day rapidly approaches, a moment of reflection on this past year would raise the question as to “what we are thankful for?” This past year has certainly been fraught with uncertainty and rapid change. Administration at AUIS along with our student body has weathered this period of turmoil with consternation. The canceling of...
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Residency Applications – July 22, 2020

Update from the Office of the Provost: Residency Applications The July 7th issue of Jama published a viewpoint article titled:” Potential Implications of COVID 19 for the 2020-2021 Residency Application Cycle.”   AUIS students who have access to the journal, I strongly recommend they take time to review the article.  I have taken the liberty...
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Musings on Assisting with Air Travel Medical Emergencies – March 2020

Letter from Provost: Musings on Assisting with Air Travel Medical Emergencies A recent airline emergency at 30,000 feet, prompted the airline crew to request the assistance of any doctor on board. I have had this experience once in the past, in 1993 while traveling from Phoenix, AZ to Chicago, IL. I was traveling with my...
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New AUIS Grant for Caribbean Student Applicants, Year 2020-2021

New information about Grants for Caribbean applicants for the year 2020-2021. Download this update below.
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Impact of COVID 19 on Medical Education at AUIS – July, 1 2020

Impact of COVID 19 on Medical Education at AUIS – July 1, 2020 As Provost and Clinical Dean for the American University of Integrative Sciences, I would like to take this opportunity to update our faculty and student body, on the ramifications the COVID 19 pandemic has had on our undergraduate medical education curriculum. I...
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Accessible COVID-19 Testing is Available Now!

Accessible COVID-19 Testing is Available Now! We’re announcing that an FDA approved, Physician supervised, no-physical contact COVID-19 testing kits with telehealth diagnosis for COVID-19 will be available to consumers starting Monday, 04/27/2020. The test can be requested and scheduled online by consumers seeking Positive/Negative confirmation of COVID-19 infection. Samples shall be collected by a physician...
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From the administration, COVID-19 Information

  “As an international institution, AUIS is taking a proactive approach to handling the COVID-19 pandemic. The health and safety of our students, staff, and faculty is our highest priority and we intend to follow the guidelines for safe instruction from the governing authorities at ECFMG, CDC, and WHO.” ECFMG communication to schools. Changes to...
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Curriculum Committee Letter to AUIS Students 19 March 2020

Dear Students, The AUIS Curriculum Committee and the Administration of our University are writing to you today to assure you – and reassure you – that AUIS will fully and effectively function during the COVID-19 crisis. We will be prepared, with your collaboration and patience, to remain a completely operational medical university. Your Professors and...
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