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Canadian medical school admissions are highly competitive, with only a quarter of applicants gaining entrance and over 10,000 applicants denied annually. Many Canadians don’t know there is an option outside of Canada that can lead you back to your native province or the US to practice medicine.

Our tuition structure is designed to maximize the resources available to Canadian students and our recognition by the Canadian government and Provinces allows students’ access to provincial, integrated and federal loans, as well as Grants and Scholarships. We are familiar with Canadian bank Lines of Credit designed for Canadians in professional school, and can provide you the documentation needed to effectively start and continue your education.

penneyDon Penney, M.D. MSC. FACEP

Neurosurgery and Emergency Medicine 
AUIS School of Medicine, Dean Clinical Affairs
Trained at the University of Toronto, McMaster, and Mcgill University’s. Licensed to Practice in Ontario, Georgia, Vermont, and Wyoming

“Since joining the AUIS team, I have focused on expanding opportunities and experiences for my fellow Canadians — pursuing a career in medicine both back home in Canada and in the United States.”


Canadian Student Loan Information


Canada faces a shortage of physicians and that trend continues to increase. With a limited number of seats offered in Canadian medical schools, more than 10,000 Canadian applications are denied annually. When you learn of the advantages and benefits offered by American University of Integrative Sciences, School of Medicine, you will see how AUIS provides an excellent alternative for Canadian applicants. For your convenience we have put together pertinent information to assist you with your application process as well as informing you of financial aid options exclusively for Canadian applicants. The Office of Financial Aid Services is here to help you achieve your dream of becoming a physician.

There are a variety of financial aid options available to students attending AUIS to assist in funding their education. From Provincial Loans, Integrated and Federal Loans, Grants, Scholarships and Bursaries to Student Lines of Credit, there are many options to pursue.  American University of Integrative Science, Barbados School of Medicine is proud to announce that we have received designation by the Canadian Federal Government as well as Canadian Provinces


If these loans are not enough, many of our students have obtained lines of credit from private banks in Canada such as the Bank of MontrealTD Canada TrustRBC Royal Bank, and CIBC. The educational lines of credit are designed with medical school students’ needs in mind and are affordable and very flexible.

You will probably need a credit worthy co-signer in order to obtain approval for these lines of credit. We recommend that you apply at your local branch where you have a developed relationship, as these approvals are made on the local level and relationships are helpful.

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Canadian Tax Information

The American University of Integrative Sciences, Barbados School of Medicine is recognized as an eligible institution by the Canadian government for tax credit purposes.

The eligibility credit is listed under 118.6(1) (b) of the Canadian Income Tax Act.

The Canadian government permits a Canadian taxpayer who, during the year, was a student in full-time attendance at a universities outside Canada in a course leading to a degree to claim as a tax credit with appropriate percentage of tuition and fees paid subject to certain restrictions.

Please contact the Bursar for additional information and a copy of the documentation necessary for this tax credit.

For additional details or questions, contact a Canadian tax professional.


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The eligibility credit is listed under 118.6(1) (b) of the Canadian Income Tax Act.