Semesterly Potluck Organised by Students and Faculty at AUIS, School of Medicine

Last week, the SGA here at American University of Integrative Sciences, School of Medicine held the semesterly potluck. Each semester that I have been here we have held a potluck for the sole purpose of bringing the student body and the faculty here at AUIS closer together by sharing culinary dishes from each of our respective cultures. AUIS is special in a way that almost everybody here is from a different area of the world. So, bringing us all together to share and learn about each other’s cultures has been a blessing to all of us here and has helped us to build relationships with each other that will last us not only through our time here at AUIS, but as we complete our education and venture out into the world. 

Once all of the food was set up in the dining area, the school body gathered together and prepared to feast. Everybody began lusting over all of the food laid out in front of them, and trust me, once you got in line you were already wondering how you could fit all of the delicious choices on one single plate. Fortunately, we had enough plates for seconds. When I initially grabbed my plate, I started on my prowl of the buffet-style line of food. With all of the choices seductively staring me in the face, I had no idea where to begin. But with all of the hungry people in line behind, it didn’t take me long to figure it out. I dove in. Grabbing small portions of each item, I was determined to try everything:

  • lemon rice from South India;
  • fish cakes from Barbados;
  • salmon dip from South Mississippi;
  • stuffed peppers, eggplant and tomato sauté, and Borsch from Ukraine.

My plate was becoming heavier and heavier. But the buffet line was still full of choices. A fantastic Bmia Wa Ruz, perfectly cooked tempura, awesome beef curry, and delicious tuna spaghetti. How we could fit everything seemed impossible, but we found a way. Everything was too great to pass up. And once everybody was too full to move a muscle or even think about eating more, we saw them…glowing on a table by themselves. The desserts. The battle with the main courses was finally over. We didn’t think we could push on any more. But then… reinforcements came. Clean plates. It didn’t take long to gather our strength and face the table of desserts. Gazing over the chocolate chewies, the key lime pie, the marble cake, INSERT WHATEVER IS MISSING, we planned our attack. We ate it all. It is easy to notice success when there is no food to take home. And at the AUIS potluck, there was nothing left. 

            As you can see, AUIS potlucks are very successful. As we all feast on the delicious items, we get to also sit together and talk about anything and everything. Faculty, staff, and students together as one. That is what makes AUIS, School of Medicine, so special and so unique, and I am looking forward to next semester’s potluck.

Charlton D Read,

President of SGA at Caribbean part of AUIS, School of Medicine