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US-AAMC Standards Medical School, In the Caribbean

Over our 20-year history as a leading Caribbean Medical School, AUIS has attracted U.S., Canadian, and other International Students, successfully matching them in medical residency programs within the US and Canada.  As a medical school administration with an inclusive philosophy, we view admissions and teaching through a holistic lens. Students with top grades and a solid interview mean more to us than standardized test results.

We offer tuition credits to students with high MCAT scores. although our university does not require the MCAT.  We reward student excellence with value in kind. The personal desire to heal and prevent disease as well as a demonstrated, disciplined approach to study are the recognized and rewarded cornerstones of the AUIS student’s success.

You could start your medical training on the island paradise of Barbados. And complete your clinical rotations in the US  or Canada.

Getting started...

We want to guide you through the process of becoming a physician as best we can. That process begins with you. Understanding where you are currently in your education is important for us to provide the best possible experience in your transition into medical school. Learn about where you are by following the links below.

4 Year MD Program

Students can enter AUIS School of Medicine on two different tracks depending on their educational background. We offer a 4 Year Traditional US MD for students with the necessary biological sciences coursework.

5 Year MD Program

Students interested in the 5-year program start in our Bachelors of Medical Sciences program and then matriculate into our 4 year MD program.

7-Year MD Program

The accelerated Bachelor of Medical Sciences degree (BMSc) is designed for the undergraduate student with an aptitude for the sciences and who plans to attend medical, dental, pharmacy school or to conduct biomedical research in graduate school and beyond.

Clinical Program

Our clinical opportunities represent strong relationships AUIS has held since 2001, when our first class entered their third year of medical school. AUIS School of Medicine’s clinical rotations stand out among Caribbean medical schools for a few reasons.

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