Alexey Podcheko MD, Ph.D

Dean of Basic Sciences
Associate Professor of Pathology and Clinical Sciences

Dr. Podcheko is a Clinical Endocrinologist with more than a decade of experience in active medical research, medical education, and academic administration.

Currently, Dr. Podcheko leads the Basic Sciences program at AUIS, the first two years of medical school, at the Barbados campus. His approach to teaching and leadership is one that focuses on the personal development of each student, the use of critical thinking skills, the use of active and interactive teaching sessions, and the use of effective mentoring.

Dr. Podcheko’s goals are to teach students how to become real-world health professionals who possess an acute sense of personal, professional, fiscal, and social responsibility and accountability. He provides many examples of the challenges that physicians face in today’s world and aims to develop the student’s thought processes to be able to adequately and efficiently work through these problems. In addition, Dr. Podcheko draws upon his own experiences to provide students with unique examples of many clinical situations.

As an Administrator, Dr. Podcheko is interested in curriculum development, student and Faculty feedback evaluations, and development of effective active-learning applications that maximize student learning.

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