Brenda Roach, School Psychologist

Previous Positions: 

  • Consulting Psychologist at Counselling Addiction Support Alternatives  Centre(CASA)
  • Consulting Psychologist at Drug Education & Counselling Services (DECS)

Research Interests: 

  • Ethical & Legal Issues in Counselling Psychology
  • Adjustment Disorder and Cognitive Disorders

Publications (selected):

Brenda Roach MSc. Counselling Psychology

Counseling Psychologist / Instructor Premedical Sciences courses Medical Sociology and Introduction to Human Psychology

Career Profile

Ms. Roach became a Counselling Psychologist because she always had a passion for helping others.  She has always been the kind of person who listens to what someone is experiencing and then tries to offer some guidance. Brendas’ favorite part about her job is seeing a patient/ client come to an “aha!” moment—that moment when a lightbulb goes off in their head and we realize that everything we have been working on together finally makes sense.  Ms. Roach does love group counseling work, simply because she gets to see others feeding off the energy within the group.


  • MSc. Counselling Psychology, University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus
  • BSc. Social Sciences, University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus
  • Certificate in Basic Counselling, Erdiston Training College
  • Certificate in Early Childhood Education Level 1, Erdiston Training College
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