Frank P. Kunik, Jr., DO

Frank P. Kunik, Jr., DO

Associate Professor of Human Anatomy and Clinical Medicine

Dr. Kunik has spent most of his life working in the medical field.  Beginning as a hospital volunteer at age 16, Dr. Kunik has worked as a general hospital aide, in critical care, the emergency room, psychiatry, and even as a hospital switchboard operator!

He also worked as a radiologic technologist for many years in an inner-city, level-one trauma center performing trauma radiography.  This job also allowed him to travel to different parts of the United States and to work in well-known hospitals from Seattle to Boston.

As further evidence of his life of service, Dr. Kunik spent a great amount of time volunteering and working with the indigent population of Mexico while completing his residency in Internal Medicine.

Dr. Kunik has extensive teaching experience which began in 1992 and has continued since, in some form or another.  He thoroughly enjoys working with students and takes pride in his work, developing an individual study plan for each student and scheduling as many one-on-one meetings as he can.  This technique capitalizes on each students’ individual strengths while identifying weaker areas which are then systematically worked through.  This personalized approach allows each student to grow and learn as an individual and provides the best opportunity for success.

As Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Kunik will help AUIS to continue to grow and expand as he draws upon his many years of teaching and leadership.