Peter Rogers Ph.D.

Professor of Pathophysiology and Neurosciences

Dr. Rogers obtained his BSc degree in Microbiology and his PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology at the University of Michigan.

Motivated and stimulated by his professors at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Dr. Rogers initiated his career in teaching undergraduate and graduate students the basic biological and medical sciences including biomedical research at Laval University and the Laval University Hospital Medical Center in Quebec City, Canada.

His research program was directed at the elucidation of the genetic, structural, and metabolic regulatory mechanisms in normal and pathological cardiac and skeletal muscle.  Dr. Rogers has performed extensive research into the role of the enzyme carbonic anhydrase in skeletal muscle tissue.

He left academia to found and develop a successful and now well-funded biotechnology company that designed, developed and constructed enzyme-based bioreactors dedicated to the removal and recycling of carbon dioxide in submarines. This process is now being successfully applied to the problem of atmospheric accumulation of carbon dioxide.  Dr. Rogers holds the original patent for the bioreactor. 

Dr. Rogers transitioned from the private sector as a consultant in premedical and biomedical education back to academia to continue his interest in teaching pre-medical and medical students. He has an active and continuing interest in the dynamic field of human genetics and the integration of genomics and physical activity into medical curriculum and in teaching these concepts as they pertain to primary care and preventive medicine.