Sayeeda Rahman PhD, MBA, AFHEA

Associate Professor of Pharmacology

Dr. Rahman is a clinical pharmacologist and an associate fellow of the Higher Education Academy, UK.  She has work experience at the university level (Bangladesh, Malaysia and the UK), and at different national and multinational pharmaceutical companies (Bangladesh). 

She also has training in research and teaching methodology, problem-based learning and other aspects of medical education with wide experience in planning, managing and conducting phase III and IV clinical trials, data analysis, reporting and disseminating the finding of the research in national and international conferences.

Dr. Rahman has an extensive and impressive publication history, with articles appearing in dozens of worldwide periodicals, having contributed to multiple disciplines within the medical and pharmacological sciences.  She has conducted multiple research studies and proudly leads the research department of AUIS in addition to teaching Pharmacology.

Her specific areas of research interests include diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, however, she is also involved in a number of public health and medical education research projects.