CARL Updates after student feedback

AUIS students contribute to first CARL modifications

Students enrolled in medical schools affiliated with Assessment Engineering turn in the first round of feedback comments and observations during a month long system software upgrade.

The software changes are part of an ongoing systems modification for the Clinical Activity Rotation Log, also known as CARL.

Access to this software’s systems test is limited to a select number of students and managed by Richard Levy, lead programmer for CARL.

“CARL capabilities continue to expand with feedback from the five students who are actively testing it,” said Levy. “Starting in February, these students will be the first to use the new interface in their clinical clerkships. Their successes and feedback will establish the release criteria for CARL’s global implementation. I can not thank them enough for taking on this extra task.”

Mr. Levy said, the student volunteers have provided several usability and system specific improvements.

For more information about CARL, visit, or contact a CARL sales associate at (770) 854-1360.

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