Impact of Covid 19 on Medical Education at AUIS By: Don W. Penney MD.MSC.FACEP.

As Provost and Clinical Dean for the American University of Integrative Sciences, I would like to take this opportunity to...
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Accessible COVID-19 Testing is Available Now!

Accessible COVID-19 Testing is Available Now! We’re announcing that an FDA approved, Physician supervised, no-physical contact COVID-19 testing kits with...
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From the administration, COVID-19 Information

  “As an international institution, AUIS is taking a proactive approach to handling the COVID-19 pandemic. The health and safety...
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Curriculum Committee Letter to AUIS Students 19 March 2020

Dear Students, The AUIS Curriculum Committee and the Administration of our University are writing to you today to assure you...
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AUIS establishing collaboration with Centre of Counselling Addiction Support Alternatives (CASA) in Barbados

The Centre for Counselling Addiction Support Alternatives (CASA) is a non-profit, non-governmental (NGO) community-based Substance Abuse Treatment Centre established in...
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First International INTER-Medical Schools Jeopardy in Barbados.

It seems AUIS is becoming a hub of inter-medical school cooperation in Barbados. On Saturday, Nov 9th, 2019, was the...
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Consider the Caribbean First

For many students, college is the first opportunity for them to live away from home. When making decisions about post-high...
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Better note taking

Medical school is hard. So anything that allows a student to retain information better is especially helpful. Note taking is...
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Letter from Provost, 08/20/2019

Letter from Provost AUIS, School of Medicine   In a follow-up to my most recent post, I wanted to bring...
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“The Dreaded Match” | Note from Dr. Don Penny, AUIS Provost:

Note from Dr. Don Penny, AUIS Provost: American University Integrative Sciences  “The Dreaded Match” Student Body at AUIS, I recently...
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