The Great Big Lie That Will Destroy Your Career Success – March 4, 2020

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to read an interesting and thought-provoking article published by Forbes magazine.  

 The article titled: “The Great Big Lie That Will Destroy Your Career Success”

Was especially relevant considering my familiarity with the topic with reference to my role as provost for AUIS School of Medicine?

We all indulge in “self-talk;” the internal dialogue influenced by our subconscious mind, revealing our thoughts, beliefs, questions, and ideas.  Self-talk can be both negative and positive. It can be encouraging and it can be depressing, it also can be truthful and it can take the form of a lie.  As the provost, I have interviewed students considering a career in medicine that have been victims of their own self-sabotage.  Those who are victims of deluding themselves, chipping away at their self-confidence.  Many who desire a different life or career success are doomed by their negative self-talk.  Students have confided in me that they don’t have choices and unable to fulfill life-long goals.  It is easier to continue to believe they have no choices, rather than believe they are afraid to make the change. 

Many students blame their career failures on a lack of choices or options in life.  Unfortunately, they remain in jobs and careers because they don’t like the choices they have; more as a result of the potential cost to them, forcing them to leave their “comfort zone.”  As a result, the status quo holds and they never experience their dreams and career success. 

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