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What makes a Doctor’s Doctor?

Throughout my medical school and neurological surgery training, I often wondered what qualities in a physician that fellow medical professionals...
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“The Comeback is Greater than the Setback”

Dr. Penny’s thoughts for students seeking paths to overcome the obstacles’ faced during their medical education “The Comeback is Greater...
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Thanksgiving Day Message, 2020

As Thanksgiving Day rapidly approaches, a moment of reflection on this past year would raise the question as to “what...
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Residency Applications – July 22, 2020

Update from the Office of the Provost: Residency Applications The July 7th issue of Jama published a viewpoint article titled:”...
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Musings on Assisting with Air Travel Medical Emergencies – March 2020

Letter from Provost: Musings on Assisting with Air Travel Medical Emergencies A recent airline emergency at 30,000 feet, prompted the...
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The Great Big Lie That Will Destroy Your Career Success – March 4, 2020

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to read an interesting and thought-provoking article published by Forbes magazine.    The article...
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What Type of Student Does AUIS School of Medicine Attract? – December 2019

“Suffering has a place only in a world where there is insufficient empathy.”        “No Matter what religion we follow, what...
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Letter from Provost – 08/20/2019

Letter from Provost In a follow-up to my most recent post, I wanted to bring to the attention of our...
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 “The Dreaded Match” August 14.2019

 “The Dreaded Match” August 14.2019 Student Body at AUIS, I recently came across an article published by UNDARK, titled:  “A...
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