White Coat Ceremony Winter 2017

AUIS White Coat Ceremony welcomes students in January class

As part of the medical school tradition, a prominent Caribbean school recognized 14 new students during a White Coat ceremony January 23rd on the island of St. Maarten.

The American University of Integrative Sciences welcomed its newest students to the 2017 winter semester of Basic Sciences.

The School’s president, Dr. Renu Agnihotri, presided over the event and welcomed the new class. Dr. Don Penney, the dean of clinical affairs, was the keynote speaker and offered words to inspire the new class.

A lot of people have a false impression that the medical school you go to is what determines the doctor’s quality, Dr. Penney said.

“Whether you come from an osteopathic school or an allopathic school, we are all trained to a very similar skill set,” said Penney. “But, some physicians are superior to others. There are some who are better physicians, some who are better clinically, and some are better teachers.”

Dr. Penney asked a question to the students, asking what makes one physician better than another. The answer to what makes a better doctor, according to the dean of clinical affairs is not the school the student attends.

“It’s not the medical school (that makes the better doctor),” he said. “It’s what you do at the hospitals in which you are able to do your clerkships, and hopefully your residencies.”

Dr. Penney reminded the 14 students who attended the event that it was the doctor within each of them which determines their individual successes.

The students honored during the ceremony were Daniel Fial, David Wright, Isabella Powell, Jainika Patel, Jennifer Kim, Kelly Rusko, Maen Karadesheh, Megan Songprasit, Mohammad Masood, Sameer Ahmed, Sarah Baqi, Sharaad Latchana, and Uzair Mehood.

AUIS offers courses on the island of St. Maarten and classes in Georgia. For more information about the medical school, visit auis.edu.

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