AUIS Semester 5 2016

AUIS welcomes new students to Semester 5

Medical students at American University of Integrative Sciences, St. Maarten School of Medicine were introduced to staff and their instructors earlier this month as they complete their Fifth Semester classes.

Students study a curriculum which focuses on the Fundamentals of Clinical Medicine, which is the culmination of Basic Sciences.

“We are pleased to welcome our Basic Science students from the island of St. Maarten,” said Dr. Don Penney, clinical affairs dean. “We at AUIS believe supplementing the Semester Five curriculum with metacognitive techniques to enhance learning and retarding forgetting. These are essential to the practicing physician.”

AUIS ensures its students succeed by committing to small class sizes, personalized instruction and a superior technology-enriched learning environment.

Fifth Semester at AUIS is popular with medical transfer students according to a school official.

“Medical students often require improvements in their general medical knowledge prior to taking the final medical exams,” said Gwen Garner, AUIS Director of Admissions. “AUIS provides outstanding preparation needed to bolster their USMLE exam scores.”

Many people choose AUIS after hearing about its academic excellence and outstanding clinical program the medical school offers. AUIS offers clerkships with over 60 clinical affiliations in 20 states.

According to Penney, medical educators agree that Epstein and Hundert definition of Competence in medicine, “The habitual and judicious use of communication, knowledge, technical skills, clinical reasoning …” is what creates committed medical students here at AUIS.

One student commented on a direct impression the school made in improving her medical skills.

“The experience with standardized patients was a highlight for me,” said Svetlana Iskhakova, AUIS medical student. “It prepared me for exams on Clinical Skills. I passed my Basic Science comp exam and USMLE Step 1 on the first attempt. I’ve begun my Clerkships and love every minute.”

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