Consider the Caribbean First

For many students, college is the first opportunity for them to live away from home. When making decisions about post-high school education there are factors all students and parents consider.  Price is a key one. School reputation another.  For some, the distance from home can be a contributing factor.  For aspiring medical students, factors that would lead you to explore American medical schools should equally be applied to their investigation of US offshore Medical schools in the Caribbean.

Being close to home and familiar surroundings is, of course, comfortable, but it doesn’t promote growth or expose the student to the diversity that will ultimately shape his/her medical career.  US-based medical training in the Caribbean attracts students from around the globe.  AUIS is the model of diversity and while learning to save lives and manage wellness on a tropical island can sound like an unrealistic Netflix series, it’s much more realistic and obtainable than it seems.  Did you know that medical education in the Caribbean is much more affordable than traditional medical education in the US and Canada?  Barbados is home to AUIS’s Island campus. It’s beautiful, truly a Paradise anyone can easily enjoy. The real beauty rest in a demanding and dynamic US Medical curriculum.  AUIS is focused on the education of our students first and foremost.  However, students and education are more than simply attaining good grades, but learning the value and curative properties of empathy, cultural sensitivity, and the multiple methodologies when treating patients.

An often-overlooked benefit of Caribbean medical school education is the diverse background of faculty and students.  With 29% of practicing physicians in the United States and Canada are foreign-trained, diversity sensitivity has become a core component of medical education.  Exposure to several cultures broadens understanding patient needs worldwide. This only expands the relevancy that the integrative nature of AUIS, School of Medicine’s academic program offers.

Choosing the Caribbean pathway puts you in command of your medical education. You will learn the medicine of course, but you will also gain the knowledge, empathy, and discipline to treat patients as a whole and truly make a mark on the world through healing. AUIS takes pride in the eagerness to improve daily for ourselves and the physicians we educate. You can learn about our curriculum here. Or schedule a one on one consult with one of our admissions counselors by filling out the form at the link here.

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